Be Grateful for Everything

November is a time to slow down and evaluate what makes you grateful. Sometimes I get so caught up in work that I neglect the people who mean the most to me. This is embarrassing to say out loud, but I’m not about false pretense; I want to be real when I blog. Being a single mom, makes me feel like I must out-work and out-succeed others. As a single mom, I feel like I sacrifice more than others because it’s just me and my three children. However, balance is key, especially since my children are growing up so fast. Makayla just started college this year, Miles is a freshman in high school, and my baby, Maci, is in 7th grade. Even though they’re big, they still need me; therefore, I need to make an extra effort and make sure that I’m there for them. I don’t want technology raising my children. Being available for them must be a priority.

When there’s a problem, you need to reevaluate life and solve it. I think the answer to my problem is to move up in the education industry so that I will have more options. Right now, my only option is to teach in a classroom. Teaching middle school English for me means sacrificing a lot of time with lesson plans, grading essays, after school meetings, coaching UIL, and the list goes on. The only way to get quality time with my family is to increase my chance for a promotion. The only way I will be considered for a promotion in the education industry is to get a higher degree. In turn, getting my Master's Degree will allow me more options. There are other things that I could do too, but this route makes the most sense and is the most convenient. And so here’s the beginning of making things better.

Be grateful for everything. Be grateful for uncomfortableness, When you're uncomfortable, it forces you to change. Be grateful for ideas and solutions to problems. Be grateful for the ability to make things better.

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