Where's Your Legacy?

It amazes me how in the beginning of life you generally start out with so many people. You're little. Everybody loves you- maybe that's a strong emotion. Everybody likes and tolerates you.You have parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, siblings and cousins. And if you're lucky friends. Even if you were adopted, you still have the adopted-version of these loved-ones. And as you grow up, these people slowly fade out, transition to the other side, or get sick to the point that you can no longer logically say that they're still here even though they are physically here on Earth.

It makes me wonder about our purpose: theirs & mine. In life, the ideal thing to do is to make sure you're genuinely connecting with others, making their lives better than they were before. Modeling the successful way to do a skill so that the next generation will be successful, sharing stories that can be passed down from generation to generation, and leaving a legacy for your children and your children's children so that they won't have to work quite as hard as you had to work. According to the website, www.meriadianlifedesign.com, the definition of Legacy is something that is left behind after someone has passed. A legacy is sharing what you've 'learned' not just what you've 'earned.' Also, leaving 'values' as well as 'valuables.' So it's not just about money and things, a legacy is leaving something that was special to you and your family: a shared-story, a skill, photographs, journals, books, a family heirloom, a family-business, and so on. My grandfather on my father's side recently passed. Even though I wasn't very close to him, his funeral was fit for a rock star. He received a degree in Law. He was in the Army, he lived most of his adult life in a small town called Lufkin, Texas, and he made a lot of changes in Lufkin that helped out both male-youth as well as adults. There were even university scholarships in his name. He taught Sunday school. People sought him out for advice. After I found out how amazing he was, I was sad that I didn't not know this man. I could've learned so much from him. I could've taken his legacy, stories, and abilities and shared them with my three children. (It's never too late). I can still learn about his greatness, but what a waste for me to have missed this opportunity when he was actually around. The fact they we didn't no each other was no one's fault. He reached out when I was younger, and as an adult, I definitely had the option to reach out. Sigh....

After my grandfather's death, I became depressed and became overly obsessed with death. After all, I am a 47 year old woman with three children: a high school graduate, a beginning high-schooler, and a 7th grader. Where did time go? Where is my legacy? I'm still in the same job, in the same town-home, doing the same things? Yes, I'm healthy, and very grateful for that. What good is great things without the health to actually enjoy them? But at 47, I'm looking for my great things. What do I like to do that could help me to become successful? I like trading the 4X (I should fund a live-account!); I like writing (I should write another book.); I like teaching (I should train others to be great as well as increase their reading and writing scores); I love to help others (I should get on TED Talk and do presentations); and I prefer quality time over screen time (I should encourage others to think the same).

So the question is Where is my legacy? I don't know, but instead of being depressed about losing loved-ones, I have chosen to live and achieve a few goals that will positively affect my family. To share more things with them, and to show them how to think outside the box so that they'll know that they can do ANYTHING they put their mind to! I don't know what my legacy is, but as of today, I'm seriously working on it!

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