Take Time to Climb Your Family Tree

I'm embarrassed to say how many times I've attended my family reunion and not have a clue as to who someone is. Sometimes they actually know me, and we smile and talk. I nod and make a mental note to ask Mom who they are later.

I love family. I love when we get together, eat, laugh, and play games. It's a good feeling to know that we all came from a similar source connecting us through our bloodline. At our family reunion, there's always someone who reads our family tree from as far back as they're able to go. It's always fun to listen out for names that I remember and recognize from stories told from my grandparents. Putting the names and faces together is like a puzzle, and I love puzzles!

Family trees serve different purposes. For some folks, establishing a lineage has everything to do with their inheritance, for others, it's about health as it applies to medical history, for me it's simply about helping me to understand where and who I come from. Seeing people in pictures that I've never met before is important to me. Hearing about their determination successes inspires me to do big things.

Just this past weekend, I met a long-lost cousin on my mother's side and a long-lost uncle on my dad's side. I met them both. I saw family resemblances, and I heard their story about how they knew about us but couldn't find us until a miracle person or thing happened in their lives that opened the door to them coming forward and finally meeting our family. They were kind, and nice. They looked and felt like they'd always been a part of our family. And I will cherish them and keep in touch with them forever.

It's a good thing to know family. So if you're not familiar with your family tree, I encourage you to climb it until you get to know it very well.

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