The iGeneration

I look at my daughter, who's a senor this year and wonder how she does 'it.' There's so many distractions around her on a daily basis. In this digital age era, there's much more distractions now compared to when I was a senior in high school: cell phones, social media, post approvals, videos to watch, online applications and interviews, online reputation, sites to scroll, research, as well as cyber bullying. Keep in mind there's also the normal, every day senior issues like extra curricular, project deadlines, jobs to work, college applications, learning how to drive, as well as the day to day 'drama.' I'm out of breath just typing these things!

Despite having access to the entire World Wide Web and having so much to juggle, the iGen makes their lives look easy. On the surface their faces are made perfectly with a picture-perfect smile and their outfits are just right. But I teach middle school, so I witness the 'real' struggles that they entertain. I hear their conversations. "I didn't go to sleep til 3 AM." "Did you see what she posted about me?!@" "I wish I looked like that model." "No one viewed my post!" "I only got 10 likes." "I never gave him permission to post that pic. My mom's gonna kill me." Maybe in some ways they are more mature now than we were back then because there's no way that I'd would be able to handle a fraction of the things that they have to deal with. The sleep deprivation from not being able to break away from their devices, plus holding down a job, and doing school work. Back in the day, I could barely get my work turned in and get to my after school job on time. I can't imagine adding a device of some type to the mix.

I wonder how my child a long with other iGens gracefully juggle their lives as well as they do. My daughter is doing well in school, she's driving, working, and about to go to college. She's so much better than me when I was her age. I guess she has to be. I wonder how she does it. I hope that she continues to do what she's doing and keep getting better and better.

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