Embracing Technology

It's in our best interest to embrace technology. It's not going anywhere. The question is...."Do I have an issue with technology?" The answer is "Yes." But wait! It's not Technology's fault that a problem exists. Technology is just the 'thing' that everybody happens to have and love dearly. It's the 'thing' that I find that I just simply can not compete with. So maybe I'm jealous of technology - the way technology grabs everyone's attention and engages them for hours on end. Or maybe I'd like to get to know Technology better but find it complicated, intimidating, and time-consuming. I feel like it came out of nowhere and rapidly took over our lives - so fast that I haven't fully had time to process when and how this actually happened.

Truthfully, I prefer things simple, innocent and to the point, and there's nothing simple about social media platforms, apps, programs, and the many sites available. After all, we only have 24 hours in a day - then you have work and home obligations. The way I see it, unless you're free of the most demanding responsibilities in your life or unless you just downright ignore your loved-ones and your obligations - when is there actually time to truly explore technology? And that's my problem in a nutshell!

It's just not enough time in the day in my personal schedule to learn about this beautiful beast in detail like I'd like to. I'd love to be able to sit back and do much of nothing and just hand out online as long as I need to so that I could soak up all of the Internet and it's splendor, but unfortunately, I'm not in a position to do this. But if I could, maybe, just maybe, I'd be able to fully embrace Technology and not constantly question and resent it.

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