The Personal Touch

Hardly anyone has a landline phone anymore. Friends and family smirk when I tell them that I still have mine. For you young-ones, a land line is phone that is limited compared to a cell phone because it has a phone jack with a physical wire from the wall to the cables where it is located. The only thing that you can do on a land line is 'talk.' Which is important because communication without 'dings,' 'beeps,' & other notifications makes conversation more meaningful. That's the added 'personal touch.'

Speaking of 'personal touches,' have you noticed that at many of the grocery stores there is the self-checkout? Am on on the payroll? Am I getting a Christmas bonus? Then I shouldn't have to ring my own items up! In all fairness, I'm sure that this was done for convenience so that some customers won't have to wait in line, but I like to personally speak to the associates - to see their smile and hear their tone. That 'personal touch' is important to me.

While I'm on the topic of speaking to associates, have you realized how when you call in to a company that you are greeted by a recording? And it takes FOREVER to get a 'live' service representative? The problem with this is that sometimes I have a question that a Robot can't answer. Plus, I just like hearing 'real' people talk. It reminds me that I'm alive. 'Real' people can actually connect with one another. They laugh at jokes and sympathize with each other. They can make you smile and make you happy to be a customer for that particular company. They give you their 'personal touch.'

I've noticed the 'personal touch' slowly and slowly being washed away with all of the conveniences of today's technology. And we as humans are getting numb to it all. Our expectations are lowering and we're just going with the flow. At the rate we're going, we could all soon lose our ability to genuinely connect and end up being a plain-Jane kind of world with little interaction. Hopefully, someone who can make a difference will notice this dilemma and quickly turn things around because there's nothing like the 'personal touch' to remind us that we're still humans.

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