What Time Is It?

Teachers teach. That's what we do from August all the way to June. Lesson plans. Team meetings. Committees and classroom management. We bring our A-Game everyday. We engage as well as entertain. We make it through evaluations and parent meetings, cafeteria lunches as well as standardized tests.

So when summer approaches, it's time to let go. Let go of routines and UIL practice. Let our hair down and bring out the flip flops. An adult beverage and night web-surfing. Vacations and Spas. Social media and selfies.

No alarm clock. No need for a comb. Sleeping in because we get to stay home. So please don't ask the date or the time, because we'll have no idea and that's just fine. Makeup? Nah, not even chap stick. Just a messy bun, T-shirt, some jeans and Netflix. A little Youtube and a lot of Pandora - maybe a book, social media, or even a nap. Massages are good. Swimming's fun, too! But keeping up with time, nope, I just can't do.

My watch is gone. And the clock is covered. What time is it? Good question. I'll tell you in August.

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