He's Never Too Busy

Easter Sunday is tomorrow. For some, this is about dressing up in beautiful outfits with flawless hairstyles. For others, it's about the Easter Bunny and baskets. Artfully-colored eggs describe Easter for the little-ones and, of course, the 'hunt' sums it up for the older kiddos.

You'll see lots of people pile into churches to hear God's word and well-rehearsed Easter speeches. Families will gather. Bread will break.

What better time to come together to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ? I'm blessed that Jesus cared enough to pay for my sins on an ultimate level. The fact that He rose from the dead on the 3rd day gives me hope for fresh starts and demonstrates that we are all promised an eternal home in Heaven by receiving Him as our Savior.

I talk to Him daily. His line is never busy, and He's always on time!

Be blessed and Happy Easter.

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