Swipe. Scroll. Yawn.

I'm guilty.

It's late. I'm tired. It's been a long, hectic day, and it's going to be even more insane tomorrow. However, instead of hopping in my comfy bed and getting some shut-eye, what do I do? Well, I actually do get in my bed, but it's not what you think. I stack about four pillows behind me on the headboard, fluff them oh-so right, and recline back perfectly propped on my mountain of fluff with my smartphone in hand. That's right. Instead of lying down under my cozy covers in a pitch black room, device-less, and meditating on my day, I'm swiping, scrolling and yawning.


Swipe. Scroll. Yawn.

One more time!

Swipe, Scroll. Yawn. Here comes a laugh.

In the beginning, the swipes are focused, and the scrolls are purposeful. I'm fully alert with eyes glued to the screen. The images are clear, and the colors are sharp.

Memes. Videos. Posts. They're hilarious.

Swipe. Scroll. Yawn. Laugh.

I'm wide awake (so I think)

Swipe. Scroll. Yawn.



the pictures

on the display

start to

soften and blur...

The screen gets hazy; now I'm scrolling in slow mo. And like the end of a good TV show, the scene starts to fade to black. My smartphone tries to escape me by slowly sliding out of my loosely, tilted hand. It finally breaks free, and the jolt from the impact of the phone hitting the bed awakens me.


I didn't even realize that I had fallen asleep. Funny how that happens. One minute you're up; the next you're snoring. As I search for my fallen cell phone, I glance up at the clock. I think to myself, if I go to bed right this minute, I'll get six hours of sleep. However, despite my unconscious attempt at logic, I continue to search for my phone. I should really get some sleep I think while hunting in the covers for my hand-held computer.


Oh there it is! I yawn, getting my second-wind. Smartphone in hand. Brain fully alert and eyes glued to the screen.

Swipe. Scroll. Yawn.


Swipe. Scroll. Yawn. Here comes a laugh.

Once again, I'm bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Images clear and colors sharp. Memes. Videos, and Posts.

Just 30 more minutes...

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