Do I Google Too Much?

Lesson plans. Intriguing questions. Directions, and phone numbers. They're just a tap away on my smart phone. Does that mean that I'm getting lazy: the fact that I'd rather look up a phone number in my cell phone rather than memorize it? Does it make me a slacker because I prefer to use my GPS opposed to analyze an actual map for directions? Am I a loafer just because I choose to google information instead of doing research via books, articles, and encyclopedias (do encyclopedias still exist)?

Here's the headline... It's not just my cell phone that offers me conveniences; it's technology on all levels. Technology, in general, has extended a wealth of conveniences to the human race on many different levels from self-checkout at the grocery store to remotely starting your car engine. I'm spoiled rotten. For instance, the other day when I went to the store, I was in shock when I had to actually turn the knob on the water faucet just to make it work. Everybody knows that when you wave your hand under the water faucet that the water's supposed to mysteriously splash out! Just like the toilets flush without levers being pushed and paper towels drop down magically when they feel your presence. These conveniences are to make our lives run smoother; without a doubt, they do. Unfortunately, in the process of my life running effortlessly, I've become a little lazy and dependent on these luxuries. Of course, I understand that ultimately, it's up to me to be disciplined enough to ensure that I provide myself with opportunities to 'think critically' as well as 'reset my mind.'

Going back to the basics always make things better for me. Eating dinner with my family, sharing my day, playing family games, and reading 'real' books are revitalizing. These type of activities allow me to refresh and renew my mind. By slowing down, I'm reminded of what really matters. And what really matters is what and who are in front of me when my device is put away. Googling is not a bad thing as long as it's done in moderation. So join me in an effort to balance googling.

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