Authenticate Your Connection!

Human beings need to connect. End of discussion! When we connect with one another, it raises our dopamine levels which, in turn, encourages us to want to connect even more. Elevated dopamine levels basically gives us a ‘fix’ by activating our pleasure center, and we love getting ‘fixes.’ Keep in mind, we get the ‘fix’ regardless of the type of connection. This means that the connection can be remotely via a device or a person to person connection. Unfortunately, the person to person or authentic connection is often sacrificed and to some degree suffers more.

Think about it; we’re all busy, right? We have work, children, after school activities, meetings, shopping, sports, dance, homework, cooking, cleaning, we get colds, or just admit it, we’re just plain exhausted!

How easy is it to send a massive text message out to several people at a time saying, ‘hey?’ Posting a cute family picture on a social media platform and mentioning that ‘you’re all good,’ is also an easy way out. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m the world’s worse when it comes to connecting; sadly, I have no defense.

It seems like youth and elders would benefit from authentic connection the most, and since I have both youth and elders in my life, my public pledge is to make more authentic connections in my life: I will replace 2 remote connections with authentic connections a month.

Wish me luck!

Like, share, & authenticate!

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